Samsung Digi Pass Estonia is first country who’s vocational school students can get skills based digital passports

To face the situation and support as fast as possible youth integration into labour market, for the second year Samsung Electronics Baltics in partnership with Tallinn University and Estonian National Youth Council are launching free of charge training program. The programme is aligned with the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020 and its content is based on the Digital Competence Framework set by the European Commission.

In the 6-month Digi Pass digital and life-skills training program 30 youngsters in the age from 14 to 20 from Estonian vocational schools develop their digital and social competencies that will make them valuable employees in the future. The strategic aim of the program is to reduce youth unemployment and to increase the number of high-level professionals in various sectors. All participants also have a hands-on experience of working on digital projects to solve a real-life problem - in teams they are developing digital projects, such as apps and online platforms, and getting insight in the life of work with the help of specialists in the relevant field.

A unique element of the programme is the very first Samsung Digital Passports. Those will contain open badges for each new competence gained and those will be granted to the participants as a form of evidence of their abilities for their future employers.

At Samsung we believe in technology. We believe that technology has the potential to improve human lives by helping to solve challenges the society faces today. This ever-changing time requires developing new competencies – for their future jobs students must acquire skills that might not even exist yet, thus often young graduates don’t meet the needs of the labour market. The Samsung Digi Pass project aims at bringing education system and employers closer together by increasing the number of experts in various fields.